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Local platforms vs Shopify

Aspects Local platforms
User Interface Outdated, lacking appeal Modern, visibly appealling
Functionality Basic features, limited Advanced features, versatile
Performance & Speed Slow loading, subpar Fast, reliable, optimized
Customer Support Delayed responses, inadequate Prompt, efficient, excellent
Design and Customization Limited design options and customization capabilities Extensive design options and robust customization capabilities
App and Theme Marketplace Limited app and theme marketplace, limiting scalability Vast app and theme marketplace, allowing scalability and flexibility
Payment Gateways Limited integration with payment gateways Wide range of payment gateway integrations for seamless transactions
SEO and Marketing Limited SEO features and marketing tools Comprehensive SEO features and built-in marketing tools
Scalability Limited scalability for growing businesses Highly scalable, accommodating businesses of all sizes
Pricing Competitive pricing, but may lack flexibility and options Flexible pricing plans with options for businesses of different scales

Delegating Shopify to be4startup vs Doing it Yourself

Aspects Doing it Yourself
Setup and Installation You are responsible for the setup and installation. be4startup handles the setup and installation process.
Design and Customization You have the freedom to design and customize your store. be4startup provides professional design and customization services.
Technical Maintenance You need to handle all technical maintenance tasks. be4startup manages technical maintenance, updates, and security.
Integration and Add-ons You are responsible for integrating third-party services and add-ons. be4startup seamlessly integrate third-party services and add-ons.
Ongoing Support You rely on self-support and online resources for troubleshooting. be4startup provides ongoing support and prompt assistance.
Time Commitment DIY requires a significant time commitment. Delegating saves time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
Expertise and Knowledge You need to acquire knowledge and stay updated on Shopify features. be4startup brings specialized expertise and best practices.
Cost DIY eliminates outsourcing costs but may require investment in learning resources. Delegating may incur additional charges for their services.